Bum Bulb

Bum Bulb
Bum Bulb
Bum Bulb
Bum Bulb
Bum Bulb

Bum Bulb

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If you’re looking for an extra-rinse, our Bum Bulb has got your back. 

This high-quality rubber douche allows for fast and effective cleansing of your bum and comes with a smooth, detachable rubber tip for even easier cleaning. 

Free of silicone, phthalates, and BPAs, this reusable bulb is easy-to-use, to store, and pack making it perfect for when you’re traveling or just on the go.

Bum Bulb Basics

Capacity: 3oz. (89mL)

Weight: 42g.

Height: 5.4in. 

Width: 2.3In.

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The Pure For Men Difference


Detach tip from the bulb. Wash components with mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry. Store in a cool dry place away from hot surfaces and sharp objects.

The bulb is made of high-quality rubber for durability. 

- Silicone-free

- Phthalates-free

- Latex-free

- BPA-free

Fill the bulb with warm tap water and then gently squeeze to rinse the bum. Repeat as needed.

How to use

Step 1: Fill
Step 1

Fill the bulb with warm water.

Step 2: Squeeze
Step 2

Gently squeeze the bulb to allow the water to rinse the bum.

Step 3: Wash
Step 3

Clean bulb and tip with mild soap - allow to air dry.

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