The Dangers of Over-Douching

Let’s face it guys and gals, a clean hole is a happy hole. Who doesn’t like to feast on the backside of your sexual partner before getting to the main attraction? Hell, for some folks, that is the main attraction. But many of us who are putting our asses on a platter need to think twice before reaching for the douche again and again.

The inside of your anus is a precious thing. Not only is it the route to your prostate, but it is also made out of a thin layer of mucus membrane. This is your barrier to diseases, therefore, you need to protect it at all cost. When you are over-zealous with douching, you can cause trauma to the lining of your anus, leaving your body open to potential sexually transmittable diseases.

When you supplement your diet with fiber and improve your hydration, you can dramatically reduce the need for douching. In addition to keeping your poop neat, petite, and ready to exit without leaving a mess, fiber acts as a scrubber for your entire digestive tract. So no matter how far up the glory hole you may be going, you can rest assured that your guest or guests will feel welcome.

If you are going to douche, a pump is a safer bet than a hose attachment. Excess water pressure is one of the main causes of rectal lining damage. A pump allows you to control the pressure while still giving the area a good rinse. When in doubt, pump it out.

You only get one booty hole, so make sure you show it love by keeping the fiber high and the douching to a minimum.



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