Our Skincare Guide for Winter Events

After all the holiday buzz, comes the bleakest of winter experiences from now until March including cold temps, wind chills, and absolutely dehydrated skin. And as much as we would like to stay indoors to avoid the hydration-robbing atmosphere, there are way too many winter events to miss out on from Awards Season to Valentine’s Day. 

That’s why it’s equally important to stay ready for both playtime AND wintertime, starting with good skincare. Using our quick tips and skincare recs, you’ll be more than ready for any winter event or cold front!

Dry Skincare for the Win(ter) 

It goes without saying, but dry skin is especially vulnerable during this point of the Earth’s lap around the Sun, so you’ll need to stick to a good and protective skincare routine.

This involves applying our Facial Cream twice daily and our Facial Toner once daily to rehydrate and soothe rough skin. The Pure for Men Facial Cream can also be applied additional times in case you need extra moisture or a citrus-scented boost before going winter bar hopping!

“...water can sometimes rob your skin of its natural oils…”

These two face care products can work skin-smoothing wonders right before venturing into the cold air, but when used together long-term they can maintain a youthful glowing look by improving your skin elasticity. And, since water can sometimes rob your skin of its natural oils, we recommend using our Facial Cleanser for Normal to Dry skin daily during your pre-pregaming shower for a hydrating boost!

Dry Skincare for the Win(ter)

Hydration Begins for Oily Skin 

If you have naturally oily skin, you may believe you have a built-in shield for the first few cold months of the year. You may also fear using potentially pore-clogging moisturizers before your Grammy-themed party in the middle of winter. 

WELL, we have three easy solutions to have soft and clear skin for the season without the damaging effects of typical chemical-based products! The solutions are to wash at least daily with our Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily skin, and use our alcohol-free Facial Mist once daily or as needed, lastly apply our lightweight Facial Moisturizer a minimum of twice daily.

When used consistently, the Pure for Men Facial Cleanser will exfoliate dead skin and clogged pores, while the Facial Mist reduces oil and skin blemish appearance in addition to hydrating. Of course, from now until March your socializing savior will be our citrus-scented Facial Moisturizer for non-pore-clogging hydration and an elasticity boost!

Skincare for Everywhere

Winter Skincare for Everywhere

No matter if you’re prepping for a February family outing or need a little extra skin protection while shoveling snow, the Pure for Men Bum Balm covers your moisture needs from head to toe. 

Rubbing the minty balm on your arms, legs, and every other place provides the essential skin protection, moisturization, and deodorization needed for the winter months. This works for daily hydration for average skin, as well as rapid recovery for dehydrated skin to protect it from bacteria. 

Combine this with either of our Face Care Kits for Normal to Oily or Normal to Dry skin, and your entire exterior will stay healthy beyond winter!

Stay Ready for Cold Times and Good Times

Since we all know that taking Pure for Men Fiber Supplements keeps you ready so you don’t have to get ready, we’re applying the same philosophy to skincare this winter. 

By using our Face Care line and Bum Balm daily, you’re actively working to minimize and heal dry skin damage from the cold weather to keep your skin looking effortlessly healthy for any winter event…and the inevitable spring glow-up!

Stay Ready and Stay Smooth!




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